domingo, 27 de Março de 2011

Mortal Kombat 2011, "when you press a button, something awesome happens" type of game.

Mortal Kombat, the next hyper advertised game with "Pre-order" all over the web is about to come. They make it pre-order to create the idea, like so many other games released out there, that some kind of game of the year is coming, and you'll have your place among the gods by purchasing it without even wondering if you will really like the game. This concept, ordering without even getting on the controls and play a bit makes no sense at all nowadays, where gaming industry tends to sell more for your eyes than for your satisfaction. Anyway, Gamespot has been delirious with ads  about it... The game is going to be released on 19th April this year, and it's a blind go ahead pre order for you to cash 49,99999$... lol.
Overgore never meant to turn a game better.
Neither going from real characters to cartoons.
Anyway, i've been researching about the game and its going to be a a flashy version of the other 300 other mortal kombat series in 2d fighting. It's almost like Tekken in the way characters are 3d, but they never get to strafe left or right. The fighting is the same like in other Mortal Kombat games, never ending combos with overacted finishing moves. In combo matters, a P.H.D. is essential, so that you can mimic those never ending beat ups we see in videos, or else fail super style combat. I see awesome all over this title, but no real substance, as usual.
Mortal Kombat I. Real characters based on photography.
The game Pit Fighter resorted to this technique as well.
I loved the first Mortal Kombat, and the 2nd one, but after that, no more. They moved from technical well thought fight, almost real, to cartoon final fight style. Also, the combos and super fast moves made it very confusing. I've seen some guys playing this well and all they were doing was constantly pressing the same buttons and directions over and over again till they won. In the first Mortal Kombat was more slow paced and you didn't had to resort so much on special moves. In fact, none of the characters there had like a quarter of the supernatural powers these last titles had. If I wanted to play with all those crazy moves i'd purchase Marvel combat games or street fighter alpha with 6000 hit combos and stuff, i guess...
The game also walks to more gory fatalities. I get shocked as how much people and society as a whole practicably crucifies "hot coffee" mod for GTA San Andreas and thinks it's awesome breaking someone's spine with all detail (bones breaking and zooming on it), then frying then throwing the opponent frozen into a subway train passing by. It's not exactly like this, but the multi punish and gruesome dead is constant. I remember when Kano took a guys heart without any stupid zooming and it incredible. No need to hype 500x this kind of thing..  

Here's some overacted fatalities. It's so exaggerated that fails to impress:              

Here's some in Mortal Kombat I. They don't go rampage on gore:                       

...and it has more that Shaolin feeling with martial arts 101, like the movie "Enter the Dragon", opposing free over gore rampage with sick zooms and twists.. becomes ridiculous. 

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